Journeyman Cafe Prahran

Specialty food and Coffee

Journeyman Cafe's roots run deeply into the established Specialty Cafe scene in Melbourne. We are a staple amongst the locals of Windsor and Prahran, delivering some of Melbourne's finest coffee and delicious food in a buzzing industrial chic space.



Melbourne is internationally renowned for it's coffee culture. At Journeyman we are proud to have pedigree in the Specialty Coffee scene. Our baristas are amongst the world's best, and we are committed to delivering you meticulously prepared coffee.

Whether it's the Dukes Espresso house blend, or a Single Origin prepared with the EK43 pouring on our La Marzocco.  We believe that espresso coffee should be clean, balanced, and show clarity of flavour, and this is what we deliver time after time, as a result of our commitment to quality.

Our filters are juicy, vibrant and fresh, and showcase the seasonality of coffee.

We are passionate about our craft, and are excited to share with you our understanding of what great coffee means. Although our baristas are often busy, we love to engage with anyone that is interested about what we do, or wants some advice for their own brewing.

We retail Dukes Coffee Roasters' Espresso Blend, along with Single Origin coffees in both Espresso and Filter roasts. You'll also find everything you need to complete your home filter setup.

 03 9521 4884   |   |   169 Chapel St, Windsor 3181

Monday-Friday: 6:30am-4pm |Saturday: 7am – 4pm   |   Sunday: 8am – 4pm   |   Public Holidays 8am - 4pm

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